Potential Plant Peer-Reviewer Database (3PRD)

This is a list of potential early-career plant science researchers who are willing to peer-review manuscripts in their respective fields. Plant postdoc slack plans to update the list annually. You will have to enter your information each year so that the information remains current and editors will have access to only those that are actively seeking opportunities to peer-review at any given time.

Include your information here to be part of the 3PRD.

You can also access the current 3PRD database here.

Academic and Industry job webinar

Recorded Academic job webinar session
Recorded Industry job webinar session

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Plant Biology Journal Database

Plant Biology Journal Database contains more than 160 journals for plant biologist. The database idea was initiated by Sunil K. Kenchanmane Raju (Outgoing Chair – ASPB Ambassador Alliance) and executed by Brianna Griffin (ASPB Ambassador) and Amina Yaqoob (Secretary – ASPB Ambassador Alliance).

Access Plant Biology Journal Database and read the Plantae blog post.

ECRs interested to give seminar

PlantPostdocs values departmental seminars for collaborations and learning. Plant Postdocs Leadership Team is writing an open letter encouraging institutions to include ECRs as invited speakers and organizers in departmental seminar series.

PlantPostdocs is compiling a list of postdocs and ECRs who are willing to give seminars on their recent work. This list will be shared publicly. Please add your name and abstract to this list and distribute widely!

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